Home Remedies For Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Home Remedies For Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

3 out of 10 pregnant women complain of leg cramps at the end of the second trimester and throughout the third trimester. It may occur in calf muscles but also in thighs and feets. The reasons might include the followings:

The possible reasons;

-Exercising more than usual

-Not resting throughout the day

-A diet that lacks from certain nutrients Magnesium, potassium, calcium or iron


-Not stretching before and after exercising

> Home-remedies to prevent leg cramps:

Stretching: Stretching the muscle by pulling your toes hard up towards the front of your ankle( do not point your toes it may increase the pain).

Massage: Massaging the muscle gentry but firm in circular movements. I usually use some relaxing oil with cream to massage it).

Epsom salt bath: Taking a warm bath with epsom salt( 1-2 cups) for 20 minutes can soothe your muscle tension before going to bed. This will also clear your mind and you will spend some quality time with your baby.

Hydrating: Make sure you drink enough fluid throughout the day. Pregnant women should drink at least 2L/68 ounces of water/day. You can test your hydration status by tracking your restroom breaks. Make sure you visit the restroom every hour and have pale-straw color/ odorless urine.

Walking around: Cramps usually come in the middle of the night. You may try to get out of the bed and try to walk around to ease your pain, if convenient for you.

Heat Pack: Applying heat with a heating pad can also ease your pain.

Eating Balanced Diet: You should be eating a variety of healthy foods during pregnancy to make sure you and your little one are getting enough vitamins and minerals. Nutrition and some important minerals for leg cramps and my own experience are discussed in another post. Please click to link to see the details.

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Stay healthy and shine with your baby!



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