What Happens If My First Glucose Test Is High

What Happens If My First Glucose Test Is High

You will be tested again with the following procedure(GTT OR three-hour test):

1- Fasting for at least eight hours prior to coming to the clinic/lab where they will make you wait for about 4 hrs.(Tip: Call them before our test day to learn their opening time so you won’t have to wait when you get there)

2- They might ask you to give some(not much) urine sample then an initial blood draw is taken to test for fasting blood sugar levels

3- You’ll drink 100 grams of the glucose solution in about 5 minutes (and it will taste gross!).

4- You will give blood in exactly one, two, and three hours after having the glucose solution(make sure to set up a timer).

5- Then, you are good to go! Make sure to plan your meal a head to balance that sugar and give your little one some quality nutrients!

6- The results typically will be ready in 1-2 days.

7- A diagnosis of GDM is made when at least two of the following blood glucose values are equal to or higher than the following:

  • A normal fasting: 95 mg/dL (5.3 mmol/L).
  • One hour after drinking the glucose solution: 180 mg/dL (10 mmol/L).
  • Two hours after drinking the glucose solution: 155 mg/dL (8.6 mmol/L).
  • Three hours after drinking the glucose solution: 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L).

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