Why would you want to work with a Dietitian?

Why would you want to work with a Dietitian?

Who are we?

“Dietitian”, “nutritionist” and “Registered Dietitian(RD)” are three titles that you may see when searcing for nutrition professionals. The profession is requiring a higher education as follow;earning Bachelor’s Degree, getting into dietetics program which needs to be completed to be eligible for dietetic internship(DI), completing 1000+ hours of supervised practice in DI program and passing the board exam. Finally, you earned the credentials as Registered Dietitian.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that no one is as educated as dietitians among health care professionals when it comes to nutrition. Also, nutritionists don’t need to complete the same education as dietitians to call themselves a nutritionist because it is not a regulated title.

How can a dietitian help you?

Registered Dietitian is a healthcare professional who helps people to deal with literally anything related to nutrition such as chronic diseases, exercise nutrition, prenatal nutrition, postnatal nutrition, allergy nutrition, kids nutrition or to just to be the best of themselves by feeling better & eating healthy and much more.

There are many types of services offered from dietitians such as group coaching, self-pace nutrition programs, meal planning and my favorite one-on-one nutrition counseling. I have +7 years of experience in the field in which I worked in a variety of settings as a dietitian and nutrition counseling has been my passion over the years.

How is my one-on-one nutrition counseling practice?


I believe nutrition counseling must be extremely individualized and tailored to the client’s needs and current lifestyle to be as sustainable as possible. Because I want my client to learn, experience and feel the power of eating for a lifetime not for an x amount of time. To do this, I need to know my clients by all means. What cuisine have you been raised into? What are your stable foods? What diet have you been following? Where do you go for grocery shopping? When do you wake up? What food do you like/dislike? Any medical diagnosis/family history? Trust me I have more of these but you got the point!

Why I am asking all these questions?

The whole picture matters! My goal is getting the nutrition outcomes that are expected by my clients and without 1:1 nutrition counseling sessions it does not seem possible.

Nutrition may seem to be a complicated term until you work with the right dietitian for you. When I say right, I don’t mean it personally I mean as a teammate in your personal journey.If you are seeking for personal/individualized guidance to reach your goals and live a happy life. Make a first step and book a free discovery call with me ASAP! During the call, we will decide if we are a good fit to take the lead and start our health journey together!