Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

4 easy ways to ease Morning Sickness

First of all, Morning Sickness is not necessarily have to kick in early in the morning or in the morning at all! You can feel queasy at any time of the day and remember three quarters of pregnant women feel the same! It happens because hCG and estregon levels are higher than usual so it is 100% hormonal but there are ways/things to do/use to avoid or ease that feeling.

Supplements: If you are not pregnant but planning to conceive within three month, start taking prenatal supplements ASAP especially the ones with B6 boost. B6 is scientifically proven to prevent morning sickness if it has taken early in the pregnancy or even before getting pregnant. Ginger is another proven supplement which can be prescribed by your health care professional to ease your symptoms.

Water: I am sure everyone keep saying to drink water but I will tell you the opposite as dietitian. Why? Because it can aggreveite your nausea by increasing the volume in your stomach. This is another reason why I do not suggest you to drink fluids with solid food. However, remember to keep drinking your water when you feel okay and in-between meals.

Food: Cold food and drinks such as icy water, frozen grapes, freeze-dried fruits and ice pops(make it using real fruit if possible) found to help with nausea in some pregnant women. Ginger, lemon, salty crackers are known to help with nausea as well. Drinking ginger tea once or twice a day, adding lemon to your ice water and/or your food and having salty crackers on hand before even getting out of the bed in the morning can be good practices for you.

Nutrition: Eat well and often. Keeping your tummy occupied instead of eating large meals at once is another way to avoid morning sickness. Try to avoid any sugary and greasy food and drink to keep your stomach happy.

Be healthy and shine!



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