Period Reliefs From A Registered Dietitian

Period Reliefs From A Registered Dietitian

Menstrual phase usually lasts 3 to 7 days. During this period progesterone and estrogen hormones are low which explains low energy level and sluggishness.

Diet: Iron loss can contribute to low-energy. Add some iron rich products to your diet such as red meat, chicken, legumes (especially lentils, beans), tofu, fortified cereals and eggs. Combining with Vitamin C such as citrus fruits(even a little bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice), green-leafy vegetables, and belly peppers can increase absorption of non-heme iron (iron from non-meat sources such as eggs, legumes etc.).

Caffeine: Let’s be honest…There is no way I am saying no to caffeine but maybe you can try to drink less caffeinated beverages than usual. There are two logical explanations behind this suggestion. First, the polyphenol called tannins in coffee, tea and cacao decreases the absorption of iron in the body unless it is consumed within 1 hour of having iron-containing food. Second, caffeine may increase menstrual cramps due to the vasoconstrictor effect. Try to substitute one cup of coffee to herbal tea such as chamomile or fennel to decrease the pain and even with bloating. Incorporating whole-foods and decreasing processed and fatty food intake can help with bloating.

Supplements: Vitamin b6, magnesium and iron supplements found to decrease menstrual cramps and bloating when it is taken regularly a week before the period started.

Personally, I do these things to overcome my pain in advance: 1- Taking B6 in advance and drinking fennel tea as soon as I feel it is coming. 2- Also wearing socks definitely help with cramps(yes I love socks and I am not American lol). 3- Try to cut back on caffeine one day prior to my estimated period day 1.

Hope these suggestions help you to overcome your symptoms. Please reach out via instagram or email if you have any questions/feedback!

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