Prenatal Vitamin Checklist

Prenatal Vitamin Checklist

Are you sure you are getting enough while you are expecting?

Prenatal Supplement Checklist

  • Folic Acid(folate):at least 400-600 mcg not more than 1,000 mg
  • Vitamin A4,000 IU(800 mcg)*
  • Calcium: 250 mg (Daily 1,200 mg) - more than 250 mg interfere with iron absorption
  • Vitamin D: at least 400 IU
  • B6:2 mg
  • Iron: 30 mg
  • Vitamin C: 50-80 mg
  • Zinc: 15 mg
  • Iodine: 150 mcg

Daily Recommended Intake for the following vitamins: -DRI*:Vitamin E: 15 mg; Thiamin: 1.4 mg; Riboflavin: 1.4 mg; Niacin: 18 mg and B12: 2.6 mg

*Some prenatals include 2-3 times more of these vitamins

In addition, a 200 mg DHA supplement is recommended for baby’s brain development especially at the last trimester.

Mg - find details inmy previous postregarding everything you should know about Mg supplements.

Check in with yourself if you are already getting enough vitamins and minerals.

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Stay healthy and shine with your baby!



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