Can you eat healthy in your corporate life?

Can you eat healthy in your corporate life?

Last week, I visited my husband at Twitter NYC office for a lunch date. As a dietitian, I was impressed by how they take good care of their staff in terms of serving a variety of healthy foods around the office. It was a Taco Tuesday and there was a big salad bar which I enjoyed most for lunch. My husband told me that the salad bar is always there for lunch. There was also a snack bar with coffee/tea/booze options in every floor. I had a chance to compare my previous corporate job experience by remembering those days that I was counseling clients for a big corporate company which was not serving the best food for their staff. I remembered how I struggled to change the way my clients look or think about food while the company does not care about the environment around them. But even then I was not desperate, I believed in my clients. I knew that if they ask for guidance, they were ready to do things better.

The sedentary lifestyle and eating out are the two common disadvantages of corporate lifestyle. I know it is not easy to follow healthy lifestyle along with all the stress and unhealthy environment around you. And yes, it is okey to want to order a burger to feel better instead of cooking after a long busy day at work. I get it, I really do.

But the power is in your hand! You can always change the directions of your habits especially if you have great options in your work space. You may need a little guidance which is totally fine and doable. If you think the same, I am here to help!

Stay healthy and shine!



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